Old Stuff

I cleaned out my old blog on the Our Place Christian Church Forum and moved most of it to the posts below. If you haven't read the old stuff yet, you'll learn a lot about my history and where I am today as a worshiper and church music leader. As I was reading through it again, I found myself wanting to edit it, change some things, restate some points, etc. But I resisted, and just posted them as is. My disclaimer is that I reserve the right to be wrong, to change my mind, and to grow from all of this! That's the whole point for me.

On the old forum my blog did not allow any comments. Because of the format of a forum, new posts and comments are posted inline and interrupt the continuity, but on this new blog the comments become a separate stream, which is awesome. So go ahead and post away!! I'll never know I'm wrong unless you tell me. :-)

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