Google Polling

Okay, here's a fun one for you. Have you ever done a Google poll? I recently discovered this interesting pastime and judged it worthy to pass along. Here's how it works.

Search Google for "michael jackson rules". When I did this today, Google told me there were "about 613" results for this search.

Now search for "michael jackson sucks". When I did this today Google told me there were "about 1,150" results for this search.

So the results are this:

Michael Jackson Rules: 613
Michael Jackson Sucks: 1,150

That's a Google Poll! Isn't that a whole lot of fun?! Now you have the power to almost instantly query the vast knowledge of Internet Public Opinion on any subject imaginable. I call it the "rules/sucks ratio". Here's a political one:

George Bush Rules: 663
John Kerry Rules: 347

George Bush Sucks: 555
John Kerry Sucks: 7,030

Wow! What a fascinating experiment. George Bush has a slightly favorable rules/sucks ratio of 663/555, which compares well to John Kerry's very poor showing of 347/7030.

How about religion? An interesting topic for me obviously.

Jesus Rules: 6,060
Jesus Sucks: 3,520

That's not a bad ratio at all. I hate to see that many "sucks" results though. It's hard to even type that phrase!

Christians Rule: 1,040
Christians Suck: 9,720

OUCH! Not what I was hoping for, but probably what I expected.

What does all this mean? I leave the results to the interpretation of the reader. I make no claims as to the validity of this polling procedure and will not be held liable for damages resulting from its use!

As a side note, I find it is useful to pluralize the topic if it is one that has rules. For example, searching for "tax rules" is not as worthwhile for our purposes as searching for "taxes rule". Use your own judgement here.

Go have some fun with this, and post any interesting results you find in the comments section for this post.

Ken Bussell
Minister of Music & Administration
Our Place Christian Church

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Nate said...

church rules: 7,120,000
church sucks: 487,000

Mountain Dew rules: 259,000
Mountain Dew sucks: 50,400

Woo hoo!

steve said...

Ken Bussell rules 882
Ken Bussell sucks 71


Steve Sporre rules 113 (this cant be right?)
Steve Sporre sucks 7

ha ha I only got 7!!!!!

(would haev been 8 but I got my Mother to take her website down)