Jam Nights at Our Place

Jam Night this week was awesome! We had 17 people show up to jam, and it was a great time. Players from the OP Youth Band and Ethnos Worship Band came and jammed with us, as well as a number of others. Jam Night started Tuesday night at 7:30 pm and lasted until 11:30 pm when we finally had to call it quits! We played a ton of music together, from the latest Barlow Girl single "Never Again" to the old Hank Williams Sr. hit "I Saw the Light". Talk about variety!

The night started off with a prayer reinforcing our purpose and intent to worship God and give Him glory, not to be concerned with our own talents and abilities, or with our own glory, but only in worshiping Him with the gifts He has given us. Then we sorted through the song list and decided on a song to play and we were off and rolling (and rocking!). After four hours of rotating players and singers in and out of the lineups and jamming through lots of music, everyone got a chance to sing and play on at least a couple of three song sets, and there were plenty of opportunities to play with new and different people... always an important thing for musicians!

One of the singers sent me an email yesterday and said:

"Hey Ken, Thanks for taking the time to start Jam Night again! It's an incredible forum for worship and learning. I look forward to it every month. Thanks!!"

And I think that really sums up what Jam Nights are all about. If you haven't been to a Jam Night yet, or you want to get back into it again, we'll be meeting on the SECOND TUESDAY of each month at 7:30 pm in the auditorium at Our Place. Its definitely a time of worship where you can join with others in singing to the Lord, but you can come even if you just want to hang out and talk and watch the bands and meet other musicians. I tend to do both! :-) Sometimes people bring their acoustic guitars and sit in the seats and play along with the bands. Since the chord charts are on the big screen you can still participate and get something out of jam Night without having to be on the stage. Simply put, everyone is welcome at Jam Night!

If you are a worship leader or singer or musician currently playing in a worship band or on a worship team, I would ESPECIALLY encourage you to come. It is such an awesome opportunity to share what you know and what you do with others. If you have music you'd like to jam on with us, bring it on a cd in MS WORD (.doc) or ADOBE ACROBAT (.pdf) format so we can project it on the big screens for everyone to follow along. If you're a Christian songwriter and want to share your material with a large group of musicians, this is the PERFECT venue for that. Just bring the chord charts and the lyrics and we'll "jam on it" with you.

Thanks to everyone that came out Tuesday night! I had a great time jamming with you! I hope to see all of you and MORE at the next Jam Night, Tuesday May 10th at 7:30pm. Put it on your calendars!

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