Sorry to miss a few days on the ole blog. Peg and I took the kids camping this week. I am also in the process of changing my internet provider at home and don't have a connection right now, so I'll get all your comments moderated and posted hopefully this weekend.

We went to South Beach State Park in Newport, OR. We spent the day on the beach Tuesday and God blessed us with the highest temperature on record for that day in Newport. It was clear and beautiful. Then it rained the next two days! That's Oregon for you.

We went to the Oregon Coast Aquarium, which is awesome if you've never been there. The boys loved it. Huge aquariums with sharks and fish and crabs and all that cool oceanic stuff. And we ate at the original Mo's restaurant on the old bayfront. It's a hole in the wall with like six tables and a "please seat yourself" sign, but the chowder was awesome as is true at all the other Mo's I've been to. And we went to the public docks on the bay where the sea lions hang out. They are huge!

Luke and I went on one of our "midnight" hikes (actually we got back about 11:30p). We hiked the trails in the park out to the south jetty and then down to the bay. Then we decided to walk across the bridge. It's a pretty cool bridge, and even more fun to walk at night. The wind was blowing and we were up VERY high.

On the way back a lady in a minivan stopped and asked us if we needed a ride. I think she thought I was a kidnapper or something. She asked Luke if I was his dad. I'm glad he said yes! We were only about 30 walking minutes away from camp, but it was late and she was worried about us.

So I asked Luke, "You know that you are NEVER to take rides from strangers, right?" He said "Yes", and then we got in the van. What was I going to do? It had started to rain and this nice lady pulled over to give us a ride. Turns out she is a music director for a Disciples of Christ church. Wierd.

We had planned to be gone for half an hour or so, but it had been about 90 minutes by this time (did I mention that the bridge was cool?) So while we were late, and since I forgot to bring my phone with me, Peg had been worried and praying to God that we would make it back soon. Then at the same time this Christian lady pulls over to give us a ride and gets us home 25 minutes sooner than we would have made it walking.

Just more evidence for me that God uses people. How else was He going to answer Peg's prayer and get Luke and I home sooner? I guess He could have sent the Angel of the Lord in a flaming chariot, but that would have scared Luke to death. And I'd be like, "God, did you really have to go to all this trouble? We're only a half hour away." So He found a lady to give us a ride instead. God has a pragmatic side I guess. Why waste energy on a chariot of fire when there's a perfectly good minivan going right by?

"Now you know Luke, you should never take rides from strangers UNLESS they're in a flaming chariot."

Ken Bussell
Minister of Music & Administration
Our Place Christian Church

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Logan Bennett said...

LOL man that sounds fun, I was wondering where you were I tried to email you a couple of times.

Tell luke I would love to ride in a chariot of fire any time of the day, man what a rush

steve said...


Classic. That is great story Ken and as always, proof that God answers the prayers of people by using others.


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