Fort Building

My four year old son Luke and I have been building a fort in the park by our house. We built a lean-to between two trees big enough for three or four people to crawl inside. It's covered with branches and leaves and ferns. We play firehouse and build firefighting equipment out of sticks.

Sometimes I wish I was four again. Luke asks to go to that fort everyday. He loves it there. I tell him someday someone might tear it down. I hope they don't. He just replies that we'll build a better one. That we will.

It's better than any fort I was ever able to build as a kid. I always wanted a fort like this one. Deep in the woods, big enough to play in, almost keeps the rain out (we're still working on that!). I have so much fun playing with Luke there. Even Joshua our two year old loves it. Peg cooked pizza and brought it to us one afternoon. We ate in the fort. That was cool.

What is it about boys and forts? Why the fascination? Luke would rather play at the fort than go to the playground. Something about ownership I guess. And dirt. It's like a castle, a refuge, a secret... But he invites everyone he sees to come look at it. Even old men walking their dogs. Sometimes they come. They love it too. Something about forts.

Ken Bussell
Minister of Music & Administration
Our Place Christian Church

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wasmachstdugern said...

i think it might be some primitive urge in us also. you know, the same feeling we get when hunting or fighting with our siblings. the male drive to provide a home perhaps.

Logan Bennett said...

Hey man, thank you for the shout out on your blog to steve and I. I will post a link to your blog on mine when I get home I am at work right now. And dude I totally know what you are talking about with forts. I love forts, I used to love making them when I was a kid. Something about being king, something about the feeling of being secret. I also know what you mean about letting being a star get to your head in your post before this one. When I was a pro snowboarder the fame got to my head really really quick. I was constantly in the spot light with cameras in my face following me everywhere, when i would go to snowboard events people where screaming my name. I claimed that it was God who was doing it for me, but deep down inside I was thinking that I was doing it all for myself. So I quickly got away from it when it started getting in the way of my work with the Young Adult Group. Getting away from it all was the best thing that I ever could have done.

Ken said...

Thanks Logan. I didn't know you were a pro! That's cool. I know a few tricks, like face-plants, and sore-knees, and my personal favorite, the pack-up-and-leave-'cause-I'm-sick-of-falling. Boarding looked like so much fun until I tried it.

Logan Bennett said...

hahahaha Yeah I was a pro for like two almost three years, and the first time i tried it i hated it and the second time i tried it i broke my shoulder, i don't know if i was determined because it looked cool and all of my friends were doing it, or if i was just plain dumb and retarded, but either way i made it to the big time. and then quite because God was more important