High School Poetry

One single tear in the oceans of life
One single stone on the mountains of strife
The oceans I'll swim and the mountains I'll climb
Its only a grain on the beaches of time

One single blade in the fields of esteem
One single thought in a lonely man's dream
Through fields I will walk and from dreams I will wake
In drifts of depression its only a flake

You have your own path, so climb your own stairs
I shouldn't expect that my cross you should bear
My stairs descend, but in time they will rise
And the wounds will be healed that were caused by my lies

My hope is that your stairs will rise just as mine
That the oceans you'll swim and the mountains you'll climb
That you'll walk through the fields and awake from the dreams
And find light once again in another sun's beams

Ken Bussell
Minister of Music & Administration
Our Place Christian Church

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Kristi said...

I like, I like a lot!

Ken said...

Thanks Kristi! Nice to meet you!