Iron Maiden

Worship was incredible today. I don't know exactly why. Maybe because it was Mark's last day playing bass with us. Kind of emotional. And we did an old worship song that we never do, Shout to the Lord. Part of me doesn't like to do it because its old. But that is so wrong! Its an awesome song. I hadn't played it in at least a couple years. Its wierd to have songs like that, that I used to feel were cutting edge and contemporary... now they're like classics. Shout to the Lord is like a hymn.

I've been wanting to break out a few more hymns. We do Blessed Assurance somewhat randomly. I love that it is in 9/8! There is a song by Iron Maiden called "Revelations" on their Piece of Mind album that is actually an old hymn. Its on page 484 of the old United Methodist Hymnals (circa 1985ish). The words go:

O God of earth and altar
Bow down and hear our cry
Our earthly rulers falter
Our people drift and die
The walls of gold entomb us
The sword of scorn divides
Take not Thy thunder from us
But take away our pride

THAT IS AWESOME! Hymns are so cool. And I must admit that Iron Maiden made this one ROCK. If you know the song, you know what I mean. Is it ok for a pastor to say that Iron Maiden inspires him? They do. I wanna make hymns ROCK!

Ken Bussell
Minister of Music & Administration
Our Place Christian Church

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Logan Bennett said...

Yo man, NO NO NO NO NO NO!!!! it is not wrong for a pastor to say that Iron Maiden Rocks, I am totaly with you on that Iron Maiden does Rock. Metalica Rocks, so many secular music bands Rock my Socks off. I personaly Love Eminem, and I will admidt it to anybody who asks I still listen to Eminem, and I still love Eminem!!! Eminem in the past was one person who gave me the inspiration to keep going even when i thought that I couldn't. He made me reach for the stars and do what most thought was not possible, I became a Pro Snowboarder Mostly from the inspiration of one Song By Eminem "Lose Yourself" it drove me to keep on going when most told me that I couldn't do it when most told me that I would never become anything. I must admidt Christian Music has never done that for me. Although I must admidt when I was younger Christian Music Sucked, and i sure do appreciate the Christian music that the kids have the opportunity to listen to these days, because the Christian music industry has came a long way and their music now totatly totaly Rocks my Socks off!!!

steve said...



I loved maiden.

I just want to hear you try and sing it!

steve said...

Wow that is stuck in my head now...

Just a babe in a black abiss....

Nate Bennett said...

Haha... I totally know what you mean! When I was over at SHCC, I was exposed to a lot of hymns because that's what they played 1st service. And reading those lyrics... WOW! Powerful. Made me wanna make hymns ROCK! :)

dave said...

Iron Maiden!!! One of the greatest of all time!