Star Wars Trivia

Have you ever played the Trivial Pursuit Star Wars edition? It's weak. Here's some trivia for you, Trilogy style:

What kind of droid is R2-D2?

What staff like weapons do Tusken Raiders use?

What is the name of the medical droid that aided Luke Skywalker on Hoth?

What is a dewback?

Who is Snaggletooth?

What race is Greedo?

Where did Han Solo run into a bounty hunter BETWEEN Episodes 4 and 5?

The Millenium Falcon is what type of spacecraft?

What is another name for the Blockade Runner?

Name Lando Calrissian's assistant at Cloud City?

Okay, enough for now. Some of these were pretty easy, so if you have some harder ones, leave a comment.

Ken Bussell
Minister of Music & Administration
Our Place Christian Church

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Anonymous said...

now you are a geek... :)

wasmachstdugern said...

holy crap?!? easy? those are tough i didnt know any of them! are you going to post the answers?

wasmachstdugern said...

oh yeah maybe i know one...the droid that worked on luke was an r2-d4 right?

Ryan Brennan said...

Ken -

Ryan Brennan from Timberline Church (Ft. Collins, CO) here. I emailed/called you awhile ago about the Business Administrator position but realized I gave you the wrong phone number. My wife and I had just moved and I transposed a number and didn't realize it until yesterday - I feel like quite the genius. Nothing like putting the wrong phone number on a resume - yikes. Anyway, I checked your site to see if you had filled it and saw the Star Wars trivia; I just couldn't pass it up. Here are my answers:
* Astromech droid
* Gaderffii
* 2-1-B
* Large lizard-like creature that Stormtroopers rode on while on Tatooine
* An alien in the Cantina
* Rodian
* Ord Mantell (?)
* Corellian YT-1300 - modified of course ;)
* Tantive 4
* Lobot

I only had to look up three of 'em =). Regardless of the answers, I'd love to still connect with you - not necessarily about the job, but about business and church philosophy; feel free to reply or email!


Ken said...

Hey Ryan!

We have not filled the position, and we have put the search on hold indefinitely. We are in the process of working toward purchasing the building that we currently lease, and that has made funds tight lately.

But yeah, let's connect on other stuff... So which ones did you have to look up?

Here's a toughie. What is the serial number of the garbage compactor?

Ken said...

Terry, no 2-1-B. But the red astromech droid that owen lars nearly purchased from the jawas was R5-D4. So you were kind of close.

Here's one to build your confidence.

What conveyance did Luke Skywalker use to "speed" over "land"? :-)

wasmachstdugern said...

although i missed them there is a bright side: i am not a geek.

Ryan Brennan said...


I had to look up the sandpeople's weapon, Snaggletooth and Ord Mantell. And the serial number (3263827 by the way). Wow, I'm a dork =).

Thanks for the update on the position - purchasing buildings understandably makes funds tight. Hopefully it won't tie you down with a load of long-term debt and/or the mortgage will be in the same ballpark as your rent.

As far as the other stuff - I would just like to network with you and talk about the business admin side of your church. All of my experience has been with Timberline - we average 5500-6000 people/weekend, so I would really enjoy looking at the similarities and differences of business administration and "doing church" (for lack of a better description) from a smaller, growing perspective. Let me know what you think; have a great day in the meantime!


PS - What's the diameter of Death Star II and who commanded it?

Ken said...


I just had to make myself feel better before you destroy me in scrabble AND chess!!


Moff Jerjerrod. I probably need to look up the diameter :-)

Matt said...

Man, it's got to be bad that I know the overwhelming majority of the answers to these questions, off the top of my head...

Ken said...

Hey Pmasta! Thanks for the comment! I will link your blog on mine.

naaaaate said...

*coughGEEKcough* ;)

Just kidding!