Caving Update

Yeah! Let's plan a trip to Ape Caves. Maybe a saturday day trip this summer??

I was browsing the other night and found some cool pics of Buckner's Cave. I'll post some links later. In the meantime, just google buckners cave indiana and you can find them. Buckner's has 2.9 miles of passages, and the crawl is closer to 700 feet, not the 500 feet I had guessed. I also learned that there are actually over 2900 caves in Indiana! Whoa!!

Ken Bussell
Minister of Music & Administration
Our Place Christian Church

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wasmachstdugern said...

i am SO down for this. can i bring my gal pal? she is wimpier than me. we might not be able to stand the dark or the claustrophic feeling though. i a willing to try though.

sean said...

We just hiked to the top of Angels Rest near Bridal Veil this weekend. Bought a 100 hikes in the northwest and it has ape caves in it...looks rad!

Shrina said...

Hey there is a cave near LaPine OR (Central OR near Paulina Lake)where all the cool obsidian (sp?)& lava volcanic area is. It goes underneath the main Hwy (90 something). It has really cool icicles in there all year around. Rodney and I camped near there at the base of the cascade lakes tour scenic route area. Loved it.