Coyote Hunting

I'm going on a hunting trip.

I went a couple years ago with some friends from church, and they're doing it again, so I'm going again. Last time I got to shoot an Uzi. That was pretty cool.

The trip is to Christmas Valley, Oregon. Way out in the desert. Freezing cold. Propane heaters. Boots. Guns. Men. Should be fun.

Last time I didn't see any live coyote, just a couple dead ones someone else shot. I guess they cause a lot of trouble on the ranch where we're going. They harrass the cows and sheep and whatnot. So we kill them. They look like dogs, sorta like german shepherds, but scrawny and undernourished.

To hunt coyote, you have to use a coyote call that makes a noise like a dying rabbit. So you act like food to trick them into coming close. Then you shoot them.

Technically, my understanding is that as a convicted felon, federal law prohibits me from possessing a firearm. Not only can I not own one, I cannot even possess one. That means touch. But like I said, I did shoot the Uzi last time. I couldn't resist. Being with all the manly men in the desert with rifles and shotguns and submachineguns, what's an ex-con to do??

My favorite part is building the campfires. I prefer bonfires myself. The bigger the better. I go for height rather than width. Usually at least a 3:1 ratio.

I used to be a purist when it came to campfires. One match only. No manmade materials. No newspaper. No accelerants. Build a firelay, starting with tinder, a teepee of kindling, a larger teepee of "sqaw wood", then add the fuel on top. Make it as large as you can. Leave a windward opening. Light it with one match, stand back, and let nature take its course.

But nowadays I'm all about newspaper and lighter fluid. Why turn your back on technology?

Say a prayer for me.

Ken Bussell
Minister of Music & Administration
Our Place Christian Church

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wasmachstdugern said...

quick spell another word with the letters in coyote!

and what are you doing up so late? i thought i was alone during these wee hours of the morn...

Logan Bennett said...

I grew up on a farm, and we used to shoot coyote weekly, because they would get into our sheep and our cattle, and they would kill them, so we would have to shoot the coyote, sometimes we would even have to shoot actual dogs.

Anonymous said...

Actually you are missinformed on the posesion of guns. I've acctually read ORS. Oregon revised statutes. And it reads that if you have a valid hunting lisence which you are supposed to have to hunt You may even as a felon have in your posesion a firearm, going to, from or in the act of hunting.