The Listening

So I'm at Berbati's Pan right now waiting for The Listening to start. The bands tonight have been pretty good.

I went to get some pizza earlier tonight and had an encounter with a homeless person named Reginald. My buddy Steve and I spent probably 45 minutes talking to him. We gave him $5 and a slice of pizza. Nothing really in comparison to the devastation in his life. After telling him that we were former addicts, he shared that he was an addict also. He sang us some worship songs. One was "As the Deer" and another that he improvised on the spot.

Street ministry is somewhat surreal. I know this guy has heard the gospel message a hundred times. Homeless people hear it everytime they get a meal at the shelter, or get into a program. Reginald clearly has psychological issues, probably brought on by years of addiction. Maybe some things even deeper. He is a long way from getting off the street. He's done programs, he's been through rehabs. He has resigned himself to his fate.

We tried to give him a little hope. Told him how Jesus had helped us beat our addicitions. We gave him hugs, and he walked away.

Now I'm back in a warm nighclub sipping soda and listening to music. Wierd.

Ken Bussell
Minister of Music & Administration
Our Place Christian Church

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