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I've been working on a My Space account for the church. You can check it out at

I've been inviting all the friends I can find and, no surprise, they're almost all from the youth and college groups. Awesome!

So what's the deal with My Space anyway? I see all these kids that I know are 14 or 16, and their profiles say they are 25! What's up with that? I am assuming that My Space puts some kind of restrictions on minors? Just to be safe, I lied about the church's age too. The profile says the church is 99 years old! Oh well.

So check it out. Add us as a friend. Right now the church has only 4 friends! Where's the love?!

Ken Bussell
Minister of Music & Administration
Our Place Christian Church

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Logan Bennett said...

Yes myspace does have a restriction, you have to be atleast 18 to be on myspace, so a lot of kids lie about their age to be on there. it is a great way to connect with people though.