We have moved our weekly recording to Wednesday nights at 10pm. Russ and I have been doing guitar overdubs and whatnot. I was thinking about selling my Mesa Boogie Road King, but I decided against it. That amp just sounds too good.

It has a bypass switch on the back that switches out the loops, boost, and master volume for a purer tone, and it sounds awesome. So I switched out all the unnecessaries, and took everything out of my signal path (no tuners, no pedals, no wireless). Now it is just a guitar, a cable, and an amp. And the tone is really sweet. Pure Tube TONE! All through an oversized RoadKing 4x12 cab. I could spend hours tweaking that amp and get all kinds of tones that I like. Its definitely not a one trick pony. I might like to have it tweaked a little to get some more gain out channel 4. It has plenty of gain, just not the super saturated sound I like sometimes for lead.

It has 4 channels, each with three switchable modes (not "models", but actual analog circuitry changes). And then each channel also has a choice of 5 power tube combinations (2 6L6, 2 EL34, 4 6L6, 2 6L6 + 2 EL34, or 4 6L6 + 2 EL34). So its a little like having 60 different amp combinations, or 60 possible varieties (4 channels X 3 modes X 5 power tube options). It also has a power sag switch and a pentode/triode switch.

I have too many amps. I have a Marshall JTM310 combo, a 30w all tube 2-channel combo with 2x10" speakers in an open back config. The clean channel sounds awesome with the gain and master both cranked to 10!

I also have a Marshall TSL602 combo, a 60w all tube 3-channel combo with 2x12" speakers (open back). The TSL is one of the best combos Marshall has ever made imho.

I also have a midi switching rack system with a Marshall JMP-1 tube preamp, MesaBoogie 50/50 tube poweramp, Rocktron Intellifex, and Bradshaw floor unit. I run this through my Marshall 1960b 4x12" cabinet.

I also have a SWR California Blonde acoustic amp and a Samson KM140 keyboard amp. The Samson is on its last legs and needs some serious repair work. But it has been a workhorse for me. It does bass, acoustic, keyboards, vocals.. Its like a mini pa system. I've had it for almost 10 years. And I think only one of the channels works now!

Both of my tube combos are currently broken and need repair. I can't stand the service OR the quality of work at Inner-sound or KMA (All Service). So until I find a good tube amp guru they will sit dormant. Anyone know a good place to get tube amps repaired? I mean a GOOD place?? I'd like to get the samson fixed eventually as well.

I have too many guitars too. But still not enough. I want an ES-335, a Tele, an SL-1 Soloist, Hamer Duotone, and maybe a Martin or Gibson acoustic? That would round me out.

I admit it. I suffer from gear lust. I struggle with music equipment addiction. Its a vice.

Ken Bussell
Minister of Music & Administration
Our Place Christian Church

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Toddly said...

holy crap man. a good thing to do would be to donate one to a poor stuggling musician. oh hey thats me. ill take the mesa thanks.

Ive had good luck with old town music off 3rd and burnside. hes young but hes the only one who figured out what was wrong with my clean channel. he only charges me $35 for it too. ive gone to him a few times.

wasmachstdugern said...

buy an old ac-30 and call it good.

Ken said...

yeah, Vox is another amp sound that I like. What I REALLY want is a Diamond Memory Lane analog delay pedal. $429! Or a Fulltone Tube Tape Echo. 999! Plus I need a fretjob on my Les Paul.