Ape Caves... FINALLY!

So I finally made it to Ape Caves today. John Stacy invited me to go with some guys from the Undiscovered group at our church. It was awesome! I brought Luke with me, my five year old, and he totally ruled the caves. He was climbing and scrambling like a champ. I could barely keep up with him!

We headed out early, 9:30ish (I was late!) and hit the lower cave first. Down and back was about an hour or so, and then we took a break for lunch. For those who don't know, Ape Caves is a large lava tube up in the Mt. St. Helen's area, and the lower cave is pretty much a straight walking hike underground. Not a lot of climbing, just a cool air-conditioned walk.

After lunch we hit the upper cave, which is a LOT more climbing and rock scrambling. We had to climb up an eight foot sheer face in one spot, a slippery one at that. But it had enough toe holds to make it manageable. It sort of reminded me of the caves in Indiana; lots of breakdown. But smaller, both in distance and in the size. Limestone caves are Mammoth (pun intended).

Overall it was an INCREDIBLE time. Got to hang out with friends and enjoy God's amazing creation.

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been too long! i understand being busy, but for two months?

fill us in...