Katrina Relief

Today was a big day. We did not quite finish the house we were working on. To put it positively, the house was VERY well made. The cabinetry was all solid wood and very hard to tear down, even with crowbars and sledgehammers. And the drywall was nailed very thoroughly. In fact, there were probably a minimum of ten nails per stud that ALL had to be removed. So lots of hammers pulling lots of nails out of lots of studs took a long time. The worst part was the metal corner bead, which had about ten nails on EACH SIDE. What a pain...

To do my part, I took down about 75% of the cabinets in the kitchen and also demolished a bathroom, tiled shower and all. Took out the cabinets and the counter and the sink and the closet... The only thing we left was the toilet! Worth saving I guess!! What a process.

Now we are on our way to Starbucks on Magazine Street, apparently a swanky/artsy area similar to Northwest Portland. We have 17 people riding in a van right now that has seating for 11! Here's what we did. We fouind a cast iron bench, like the kind you find on porches, and we put it in the back of the van facing toward the rear. We have several people sitting on the floor and between the seats as well.

No, there is no seatbelt law in Louisiana. They don't even have an open container law, much less a seatbelt law. You can buy daiquiri's at drive-thru windows. Who needs a seatbelt??

By the way, did you know Nutria's are edible? Apparently they taste like rabbit. "They good eatin'."

Ken Bussell
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Anonymous said...

i am glad to see you're back to blogging, not to mention saving the world (or at least new orleans) in the process. isn't it interesting that starbucks is one of the few things to survive the hurricane?


Anonymous said...

great blog!

sean said...

the trip was a blast!

definitely good fellowship too..

always fun to read other peoples perspectives of the trip.

Matt said...

Thanks for posting your thoughts about the trip. I can't even imagine the devastation. It's so weird to me that New Orleans is completely absent from the media. I guess America has a pretty short attention span, eh? Crazy.