Celebrate Recovery

Our Celebrate Recovery ministry launched to the public on Wednesday. It was awesome. There were two mens groups and two womens groups, plus a newcomers group... Over 50 people all together!

Brooks Doherty brought a very good word on denial, the first lesson in our series. The Recovery Band led worship. And the Blue Moon Cafe' went until 10pm. I am really excited by all the people who came to support and participate. And the message series isn't even over yet.

I know its not about numbers. That's not really the important thing. And I don't measure the success of the ministry by attendance. But I feel really good that the ministry has a core group, a critical mass, and it seems to be sustainable. We have a GREAT leadership team. And we have already seen God at work just in our leadership team. I know He has some great things in store for this ministry.

The most important issue for me is to see our church change. I feel that we are already a church that is well known as a place where people can be open and honest about who they are and what they deal with. But now I see that increasing even more. Church has often been a place where people feel pressured to put on their church masks and act as though everything is fine. Its often a place where people are not allowed to be broken, to be sinful, to be struggling. Especially leaders. What a joke! We are all sinful. Better to admit it and find strength in fellowship and accountability, than to hide it and be fake and never get healthy.

God is the great physician, and churches should be hospitals for the spiritually sick. And to do that, people need to feel safe about discussing their sickness... SIN! Let's be real. And not in the cliched formulaic churchy way like "we're real people, with real lives, serving a real God". Duh! I'd rather say: "We're a group of screwed up people stumbling together in the same general direction." We're all trying to follow Christ, and none of us are doing a very good job. But together we are better than alone, as long as we can be honest with eachother.

Celebrate Recovery is about honesty. Its about truth. And that can be scary. It can hurt. But its better than the alternative.

Ken Bussell
Minister of Music & Administration
Our Place Christian Church

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