Mr. Deity

This is hillarious! Just had to share it!

Emerging Worshiper


Brian Moon said...

Does that seem like a coherent argument in favor of a creator-being to you?

Because "The Problem of Evil" was the final straw in my acceptance of atheism.

But if that seems coherent to you... well, then, more power to you.

Ken said...

I think it is funny. That's all.

I for one am not looking for a coherent argument to support my belief in a creator. Compared to the vast scope of the cosmos, the human race ends up looking like ants or bacteria. I do not expect that the creator of that cosmos should be fully understood by me, any more than I expect to be understood by ants or bacteria.

Thanks for the comment. I will check out your blog right now. Have fun!

Brian Moon said...

I agree - the video is funny!