Reverend Ken and the Bluesmen

Reverend Ken & The Bluesmen are on a mission from God to spread the good news of the Blues to any and all who will hear their gospel message!

"Blues music is spiritual for us," says frontman and lead guitarist Reverend Ken. "There's something about the blues than transcends race, religion, age, culture... the blues is a universal language that everyone can understand and relate to, because everyone has had the blues. There's something very cathartic about expressing our emotions through music, especially through the music and creativity of the great blues artists of the past and present."

"When I play the blues, something inside of me just opens up, and my emotions get to come out in a whole different way. I'm not really a shredder or speed player, so I focus on tone and feeling."

"I'm all about the phrase, the lick, the melodic underpinning. It's not so much a technical performance (though the truly subtle technicalities of the blues are some of the toughest to cop!). It's more like a sharing of sentiment, opening my heart through my voice and my fingers and sharing that with an audience... that is, on a good night anyway!"

"I'll be the first to admit that sometimes I just can't get into it, for whatever reason. I really have to be loose to feel like I'm playing my best. There's something so emotional, even spiritual, about blues music. So I try to approach each song with the intention of just totally letting loose and going for broke and seeing what happens. And when it's good, it's a god-thing, like I don't even know where that lick I just played came from, it just happened, like it was given to me."

"Playing the blues definitely gets me closer to God."


Emerging Worshiper


wasmachstdugern said...

welcome back fro your hiatus! blues for god sounds (on the surface at least) somewhat paradoxical, but i would still love to hear it!

let's get together and hit up some chess/scrabble again...

Ken said...

Oh, you KNOW I love the paradoxes! :-)

I'll email you.