King of the Hill

I love this episode. It touches on SO MANY topics.

The set up: Hank and Peggy are upset because a new family has taken their spots in the pew on Sundays and the pastor has refused to ask the family to move.

Once the Hills start attending the mega church, Hank gets over committed. The church gives him a pager and he is constantly on call for all the events. He doesn't even have time to drink beer on the corner anymore because he's too busy with church. This clip is good, but you have to see the whole thing. It's hilarious!

Emerging Worshiper


kbeyer said...

That episode is awesome! Dude you're up late!

Terry said...

you ARE up late. i love how most good blogging happens in the wee morn.

Ken said...

for me, most good ANYTHING happens late!