Thorns & Nails

Passion Week is coming up again at our church, and this is a song that I sing every year, one that I wrote back in 2000. As you prepare to celebrate Palm Sunday, Good Friday, and Easter this year, take some time to listen to this song and meditate on the picture it paints.

Thorns and nails, shed His blood for all to see
Complexion pales, Oh My God, why hast Thou forsaken Me?
Forgive them, for they know not what they do
It is finished; Oh my God, I commit My soul to You

And the sky went black and the earth gave way
And the world was changed in a single day
And the men who saw, they were heard to say
Surely this was the Son of God

It would have killed me, to look in His eyes and see what I’d done
Conviction fills me, that my God had to send His only Son

I posted about Passion Week last year, and you can read that post in the archive HERE.

And for you lead worshipers and facilitators, here is a link to the guitar chart and lyrics in pdf format:


Eastertide is probably the most meaningful time of the year for me. May it be for you as well. God bless!

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mattd624 said...

Ken, I want to hear a recording of this song with a full band. Did we ever do one that has a good enough mix for publishing? Deanna and I both love this song. She wants to hear female harmony parts, too.

PS We just had an ultrasound today and saw our little peanut inside Deanna!!