ATV Trip

Here I am in all my glory! What an awesome trip. We went to Coos Bay on Friday, Winchester Bay on Saturday, and had a blast. Six guys on ATVs riding the dunes. Hill climbing, trail riding... and of course JUMPS!

Here I am with our Lead Pastor Steve Brooke out on the beach relaxing after a ride. I am offering the cameraman a Mountain Dew of course!


wasmachstdugern said...

i guess i haven't seen you in a while- you are a long haired hippie freak now!

Ken said...

I prefer "arteest"!

Miss Shrina said...

Yay Ken! Winchester bay (and the HUGE competition hill esp.) is our favorite place to ride in OR(I enjoy riding on the back of Rodney more 'cause he's a nut :) , 4th gear all the way!

Hey, us girls like to rip up the dunes and fish tail through the razorbacks too (I did blow up the engine on my Blaster)! The ultimate sand dunes to check out--Dumont Dunes in So. Cal (next to Death Valley!). Better than Glamis (border of AZ & CA) or Pismo Beach (central CA coast). Look up the town of Tecopa for their awesome men & women separate hot springs bath (FREE! maintained by the county) for a nice hot soak after a day of getting filthy dirty and getting all your muscles sore! It is **HEAVEN ON EARTH**.
Sadly, we won't be doing that for a few years though with a baby girl on the way (and hopefully her baby brother soon to follow in a year or so) :). We sold Rodney's Banshee and Rodney's Dodge Ram & the kayak (sniff...sniff) and bought a baby mobile instead :))). A different adventure awaits us until we buy all the toys with little 4wheelers for our little ones in the future:).

Ken said...

Yeah, I think we invited Rodney on a recent trip and he told us about the last crash! Ouch! Thanks for dropping by my blog. KIT!