Emergent Gathering

Hello from Glorieta, New Mexico!

The Gathering has been a lot of fun, the conversations have been meaningful and fulfilling. It has been good to develop new relationships with like minded (and not so) people from around the country. I should have gone to this a long time ago. I am about to head to the "Utopianism, Isolation, and Communities of Justice" conversation this morning.

Yesterday I participated in a conversation where I was able to share some of my frustrations with public prayer, and there was a group of people who actually "got it"... That our prayers together as christians so often turn into a round robin of personal theological treatises and a "who can sound more holy" contest. It was so refreshing to get an authentic response from people who have the same frustrations, as opposed to the pat christian counseling answer I so often get in other circles.

Anyway, I'm having a great time. Steve and Greg and I are hanging out and talking deeply and genuinely growing closer. Mission accomplished.

Ken Bussell
Minister of Music & Administration
Our Place Christian Church
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psoup said...

hope you publish a review of your Gathering thoughts.