Portland Emergent Cohort

Here are the details for the newly formed Emergent Cohort in Portland. I hope to see you there!

What: Portland Emergent Learning Community (Cohort)

Where: Bella Espresso - The Meriwether West, 3550 SW River Parkway, Portland, OR 97239

When: First Tuesdays, 2pm - 4pm (November 6, December 4, etc.)

Topic: Emergent Diversity (or lack thereof); escaping the bowels of the white patriarchy!

Future Topics?? You come, you call it!

Here is some additional information from Emergent Village:

What are Emergent Cohorts?
One of the dreams of Emergent Village for the next several years is the development of local/regional learning communities in strategic locations around the country, which we call cohorts . We hope to do this because:

* We are eager to identify and assist a new generation of leaders.
* We desire to promote and enhance the local participation and the grassroots nature of the emerging church conversation.
* We hope to encourage and continue this kind of theological dialogue in many different strategic locations.
* We hope to utilize these cohorts through the hosting of local/regional mini-conferences.

What is a learning community?
While being a place of connection and support, an Emergent learning community (cohort) is primarily a place of communal exploration, theological and professional reflection, honest connection, and strategic collaboration. These learning communities are geared toward post-critical, constructive conversation, rather than deconstructive rants about the current state of the Church.

Why learning communities?
Local (Intrinsic)
* To enhance the local participation and the grassroots nature of the emerging church conversation.
* To generate new forms/ideas of the Church.

National (Extrinsic)
* To identify/support a new generation of leaders.
* To host regional gatherings.

How will learning communities function within Emergent?
Within the four emphases of Emergent (Explore, Belong, Resource, Communicate), cohorts have one foot firmly planted in "Belong" with the other foot dipping into "Resource" and "Explore." Learning communities are primary space for belonging to Emergent on the local, face to face level. Beyond the books they have read or the conferences they have attended, cohorts are places where people can gather who desire to continue this conversation. Yet, the effects of these learning communities will be felt within the areas of Resource and Explore. Our hope is that these local learning communities would begin to hold larger regional events (Resource), which might showcase some of what they are reflecting upon (Explore). These types of exchanges will create a transfer of ideas from the local to national level, and will also assist in identifying and raising up a new generation of leaders.

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