Cash Out

I have been working this one over in my head for quite a while now. I've introduced the idea to several of my pastor type friends. I had another great discussion about it this afternoon. So here goes.

I am making a call. It is time to cash out.

This is not for everyone. Some people may not really be in a position to do it yet, but this is what I am thinking...

God has blessed me and my family greatly over the last several years. At the risk of sharing too much, let me just say that the real estate market has boomed the last 3-5 years, especially so in Portland. We received an inheritance around the time that the boom was starting, and we decided to take that money and upgrade to a nicer home. Since then we have seen our investment appreciate significantly. God has been good to us.

Lately I've been thinking, if I were to cash everything out, sell everything, the house, the cars, the furniture, the music equipment, etc... cash out the retirement accounts, the brokerage accounts, the mutual funds... then pay off all the bills, the mortgage, everything... what would I be left with? One way of thinking about this is "net worth", but I prefer to think of it as "CASHING OUT".

So what if I cashed out? How much cash would I be left with? Is it a significant amount? I'm sure the answer is different for everyone. For us, again at the risk of sharing too much, we could probably reach almost $250,000. So here's my idea.

What if I cashed out and moved my family to Africa? What could $250,000 do in Africa? Would it build a small school that my family could live and teach in? I bet it would! And then some! But then think about this...

What if you cashed out too? What if you came with us? How much cash could you and your family bring to this? We could build a bigger school building. What if TEN families cashed out? We could rebuild an entire community!

Is this a radical step? Is there risk involved? Uh, yeah.

A friend of mine shared a vision with me today... Imagine God's people rushing together toward a cliff... Now imagine a line of strong men standing together with arms linked, standing between God's people and the cliff's edge, protecting them from the fall... What do you see? Would you stand in the line of strong men? Would you join in prayer with them for the protection of God's people? What if God were to tell you that those strong men are the enemy, and that He WANTS His people to run off the cliff? What if God were waiting at the bottom, just longing to catch us??

Something to think about.

Jesus looked at him and loved him. "One thing you lack," he said. "Go, sell everything you have and give to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven. Then come, follow me." Mark 10:21

"In the same way, any of you who does not give up everything he has cannot be my disciple." Luke 14:33


wasmachstdugern said...

my god this is intense. i asked myself this same question while a christian and could never muster the strength and resolve to do it, although i knew it was right (for me at least).

good. luck. my. friend.

Ken said...

Once right, always right??