Our Place Building Purchase Video

Here is the video of our Overseers and Business Team talking about the recent decision to purchase the building we have been leasing for the last 3+ years.

Quantum Physics Double Slit Experiment

So it's taken me about a month to fully digest the info in my last post. I am becoming more and more convinced that quantum physics is going to turn materialist monism on its head. Check out the video below.

Is matter made of particles or waves? Well, both. This video does a decent job of explaining that. But even more intriguing is the evidence that observation (a nonphysical phenomenon) can collapse the wave function of matter! Dualism is steadily regaining its standing in academia on the strength of these sorts of discoveries in quantum physics and cognitive research. And with dualism comes the destruction of materialist atheism. There is more to our environment than mere physical matter. There is consciousness, observation, uncertainty...

This will blow your mind: