Scott Henderson on Blues Phrasing

This is Scott from quite a few years ago, and he is right on. He even discusses Music As Language, a theme I frequently discuss on this blog. I agree with the person who posted this video... "Every guitar player should be made to watch this video before being allowed to play a guitar solo."

Scott Henderson - Melodic Phrasing by jejari7


Jeff Kursonis said...

Hey, I read a ton of your posts, it's nice getting to know someone through their blog - I chose this one to comment on because I enjoyed watching the video and it had no comments - I hate the no comments posts on my blog!

I loved the story of your guitar and how it all turned out well - a great love story of how you are separated from your guitar but your friend redeems it for you!


Ken said...

Thanks Jeff! Glorietta was a blast. Hope to see you again soon!