Generational Worship and the Role of Emo

So what role do you think Emo plays in youth worship today?

In our youth group I have seen it be very influential. They seem to be much more emotionally expressive, especially with regard to the so-called negative emotions... sadness, anger, frustration, confusion... ANGST! How 90s! The music style that our youth band has chosen is very heavy, with hi-gain guitar tones, lots of double-bass drum work, driving bass lines, lowered tunings, and LOUD.

I like it. A LOT.

But one of the things I'm trying to get used to is how depressed they all look! There's this very serious mood about what they're doing. I have been coaching them toward an intentional approach to the worship, where they lead by example, through their own personal worship, where their feelings and attitudes are valid and legitimate, but are also tempered with the needs of those they are leading, with corporate worship as important as the personal. We'll see how much of it sinks in.

I'm going to see them play at the Satyricon this Wednesday. Should be a rockin' heavy post hardcore grind emo southern metal alternative indie good time!

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