How Do I Love God?

...By loving people. I began this with a post and discussion about this idea. On Sunday I gave a message to our church on it. Here it is:


Steven McDade said...

Great Stuff Ken, though I would watch the length next time. I started to tune out at about 30 minutes mark.
Just my tv upbringing and short attention span.

But I know you spoke truth and those that were present, and couldn't just skip through, got alot out of what you preached.

See you at the next Cohort meeting.

David Golden said...

I was challenged by this, and really enjoyed listening. What was the response from the people who were there?

Ken said...

Thanks. Most of the responses I got were like "most powerful message I've ever heard", and "best sermon in a while". :-) But seriously, many also said they were challenged by it. I'm sure that means different things to different people.

Mark D. Inman said...

Spot on friend. In support of that I have learned this;

Matthew 28:19-20 (Pharaphrase) "Therefore go and fail miserably trying to beat others into submission of your own personal view of what I am saying. When you cannot win them over with swave and persuasive language which is empty in comparison to your feeble attempt to DO what I have commanded in your own life then be bitter and negative about others while my spirit stands by and waits for you.

Then when you come around and remember when you first loved me, and how your loved others easily because you didn't know crap about the Bible - you will know that I am with you always until the end of the age. Others will teach you more than you will teach them, EVERYTIME you meet someone."

I think that is pretty accurate. Thanks for the kick-me-up.


Ken said...

Mark, I love you man! You need to come out on wed nights and see a whole lotta lovin' goin' on. We are serving almost 150 plates each week. The clothes closet and food pantry are PACKED.

I'm going to post your paraphrase on the main page. I have read it at least 10 times now and I see more truth in it each time!

Mark D. Inman said...

Yes sir, I think about it everytime I get to work here on Wednesday night to start my week. I need to come before work and help with setup.... you know practice what i preach ha ha.
Again thanks for the encouragement.
Love you also!