Mellow Meanderings

Here's another one. This is no delay, no compressor, channel 1 on the Tophat.


Impromptu Improvisation

This is my buddy Russ and I jamming with his new Native Instruments Kore setup. The audio clipped my input a little bit, but hey, I love it loud! I'm falling in love with my new MacBook. It makes doing a cheesy video like this SO easy.

For those who care, I'm playing a PRS Standard 22 through an 80s era Boss CS-2 Compressor/Sustainer, TC Electronic SCF, and Boss DD-5 Digital Delay into channel two of my Tophat King Royale and out a Marshall 1960b 4x12" cabinet.

Is Spiritual Growth Really The Point?

I mean, it seems a little construed. Jesus never explained it quite that way, you know? Yes, He was a teacher. Yes, He commanded us to make disciples and to teach them. But He also said we would have the Holy Spirit, and that we wouldn't need anyone to teach us.

A side point... the Bible was written by people who lived thousands of years ago for people who lived thousands of years ago. So everything is contextual and nothing applies to us today. OR... Nothing is contextual and everything applies to us today. OR... You get to choose for yourself what you believe applies to you and what doesn't. How postmodern.

Okay, back to the original line of thought. This Willow Creek Reveal stuff really has me questioning what churches choose to focus their energy and resources on. Is following the Way of Jesus really about teaching each other more Bible knowledge? Are we really supposed to be gathering in classes two days a week to become smarter Christians? And then are we supposed to be doing market research and statistical analysis to examine the success of our education programs? Is that what Jesus had in mind?

"Not that there's anything wrong with that!"

How many Bible classes do you have to take before you get to go to heaven? How many Sunday school groups do you have to attend before you can feed a hungry person or visit someone who is sick? And which is a better use of your time? Is being a Christian about you? Or is it about others?