EC Conference - Brian McLaren

As I've said before: I love Brian. His message began with a simple statement: that what we focus on determines what we miss. He suggested that Jesus is a puzzle, and like the children's puzzles we are all familiar with, we come to the puzzle of Jesus with a picture in our minds (like the picture on a puzzle box) that we use to try to piece our understanding of Him together. But what happens if our picture is wrong? How frustrating the puzzle will be! And how much of Jesus do we miss by focusing on just our own picture?

Then, as always with Brian, the refocusing of our picture of Jesus begins to center on His message of the Kingdom of God. A kingdom standing in stark contrast to the roman kingdom of the day... A kingdom whose divine leader, a son of God, bringer of the pax romana (the roman peace) was Caesar Augustus. And how did Caesar bring this peace? Through the newly developed technology of the cross. Through the violent and torturous putting down of rebellion, sending a strong message to all who might oppose rome.

But Jesus sends a different message. Jesus brings peace by suffering, rather than inflicting suffering. Jesus brings peace by dying, rather than killing others. Jesus brings peace by enduring torture, not by torturing others. Jesus brings peace not by enforcing loyalty, but by accepting betrayal. Yes, Jesus, just a caesar, brings peace through the cross (Colossians 1). But He does it as no other king before Him had. And His kingdom is like no other before it.

Way to go Brian! I am thrilled to be here. And like you, I too feel like someone has dropped an alka seltzer into the middle of my brain. The thoughts are churning, the ideas bubbling. Yet my spirit is stirred as well. I can't wait to hear Richard Rohr tonight.

Ken Bussell
Minister of Music & Adult Ministry
Our Place Christian Church
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Anonymous said...

just think about it, what was going on in jesju time, well if we loof back in history, it will tell you there were slavery in that time, , people suufered , freedom was lost to the roman ruler, jesus did not die for our sins he died because of them, jesus tught freedom and love to man kind and he got put to death for it , almost like president lincoln, who tried to fee the slaves, how about martin luther king jr, who fought for freedom, and also was killed, it dores not take rocket science to see we as humans have been fighting for our freedoms for long time, i also might ad it seems like u males need to let the ladies get in on this conversation, it seems like anything a female has to say, we do not get credit for it ,i mean uor opinoin aways, stacie logreco