ECC - Alexie Torres-Fleming

Here are just a few of the great quotes from Alexie's talk this morning. These aren't quite verbatim. At times I am even paraphrasing. Hope you enjoy nonetheless.

"How great our God is, that I get to be here too. That the call comes to all of us. Even in my little corner of the Bronx.

"God doesn't call the qualified, but He surely qualifies the called.

"God is calling us to prophesy and speak truth to the dry bones of our churches and institutions, that God may put flesh on them and breath life into them, and they may rise up a vast and mighty army.

"Church wasn't a place for me to hide, the kingdom of God didn't live in the 4 walls of the building, and our relationship with god was not about going to heaven when we die.

"I was defined by the outside world by all the bad things that might happen to me, or all the bad things I might do. I was an "at risk" youth.

"Poverty is a virtue.

"We think if we make the poor more middle class that is the answer. That is not the answer.

"Rich young man, he was a big fan of Jesus... What do I have to do? Give up everything you have. He walked away sad, because he had so much. Are you a fan, or a follower? The way of the follower is radical.

"I came at this kicking and screaming. But God was persistent.

"God, break me. Even my own ideas and will, if they are not your own, break them.

"I became a weeper. I would see things that in the past never bothered me, and my heart would break.

"Tearing down strongholds. The kingdom of God is not going to fall out of the sky and be beautiful one day. It is up to us. It lives inside of us.

"The image of the church had to be bigger than us crying over broken statues.

"None of the suits that I worked with on wall street were there. None of the people who told me lies about power were there. All the people that I was taught to judge, to see a powerless, were there. God said "this is power, Alexie" forget what you have learned.

"My prayer for the emergent church is that we would not forget that there are many who will never read the books... God's poorest of the poor needs us to invite them.

"If we're free, but they're not free, then we're not free.

"When you are silent, you are not neutral. You stand on the side of the oppressor.

"Whatever we have that we don't need does not belong to us."

Ken Bussell
Minister of Music & Adult Ministry
Our Place Christian Church
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