ECC - Shane Claiborne

Just finished discussing the Shane Claiborne talk. What a motivational time. I was most moved by just his sheer quantity of authentic stories, his participation in community and in the lives of others, story after story of God moving and working through the lives of people.

One story, Shane just got back from spending time with the Amish and Mennonites in Indiana. His discovery of an underground railroad for AWOL soldiers, his recollections of the recent shootings and the response of the Amish toward the shooter's family. Amazing Grace.

I have to admit, that as Shane began speaking, I just had to put my blackberry down and listen. It was hard to twitter during his talk, because he wasn't as full of good quotes as some of the earlier speakers. But he was full of stories. Of real stories. And I actually liked that a lot. Stories just don't twitter well at a 140 characters! So I just sat back and drank it in.

Thanks Shane.

Ken Bussell
Minister of Music & Adult Ministry
Our Place Christian Church
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