"Jesus Is An Elephant"

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Anonymous said...

i happened to like bart ehrman, he teaches from a historical point of veiw, he taught me how to read the gospels more carefully, they do indeed, have alot of discrepties, i think jejus was a cool dude, he was teaching about god, i dont believe he is the son of god, and my reasoning for this is... all the gospels can be wrong, mark , and luke differ in many way but they cant be both right, somr thing is eigher true or it is not,

Ken said...

I agree that the Bible has a lot of discrepancies. With eyewitness accounts there are bound to be discrepancies, even more so considering that not all the gospel writers were eye witnesses, and that they were written decades after the actual events.

But I don't agree with your conclusion that something is either true or not. Take the Parable of the Prodigal Son. There are a lot of things to consider with regard to it's truth.

1. Is it true that Jesus actually taught that parable? Or did someone else write it and attribute it to Jesus?
2. Is the parable itself true? Was there really a prodigal son? Did the events actually happen as described?
3. Is the parable's characterization of the forgiving Father a true representation of God's nature and personality?

It's the same with the Gospels themselves. The question of whether they are true or not really depends on what kind of truth you are looking for.

Anonymous said...

i see your point,,i tend to believe,that parraibles are poetic, but not truths,lets see ummm, the cleansing of the temple is my favorite debate, cause in the old test, called said to give the church your tithe, but when but when the jews came into the temlple to worship, they exchnced the roman tokens for ones that thae could use in the temple,jesus, was so upset that some one would profit from worshiping god, he ther a tanrum and over threw all the tables , so if we were intended to tithe , why was jeaus so up set, ??

Ken said...

Are you saying Jesus was upset over tithing?