New MP3, plus Chords and Lyrics!

You requested them, so here they are.

I have now posted links to PDF files of the Chords & Lyrics for selected Emerging Worshiper music. Check it out in the right sidebar.

Also as requested is the newly posted live acoustic version of "Worthy Is The Lamb" as debuted during the Friday Passion Week gathering at Our Place.



kbeyer said...

Awesome Ken! Now I can play the air guitar and actually have the words in front of me to remember..Hey remember that song you did a long time a go.. called "All I Am?" That would be a pretty cool addition...hmm what do ya say?

Ken said...

Yeah. I love that one. I actually have two versions of it now. One is the metal version you probably remember from worship at Our Place? But later on I slowed it down and put a shuffle feel to it. Now it sounds a little like "Down So Long" by Jewel.