Facebook = The End Of The World

Our Lead Pastor Steve just joined Facebook! A momentous occasion. Here is the welcome message I wrote on his wall:

Congratulations on finally entering the virtual community of superficial relationship where substantive human contact and interaction is replaced by one-liner text messages and the almighty "poke". Now all you need is a blog and a Twitter account and you'll be fully equipped to engage the global village at it's shallowest level.

And don't forget the Facebook app for your Blackberry. To be the most ineffective at maintaining these relationships, you must be mobile so you can be distracted by other things at the same time. This helps to make sure that your real life relationships become as compromised as your online ones.

Welcome to the end of the world. :-)


Gorian said...

That is hilarious ken. and quite sadly, true

PRadke said...

Facebook is wonderful!!! Have a wonderfully superficial day!! :o)

Anonymous said...

How true. This is why I have never joined any online "community". Of course, blogs were the precursors to social networks, so here we are doing almost the same thing.

I think I'll get back to the world where people still have skin on.