Liberation Theology

What do you think? Is there some truth to what he is saying? With whom do you identify? The powerful or the powerless? Through whose eyes do you read scriptures? Through whose eyes do you see the cross?


D. L. Webster said...

I think it's dangerous anytime a person takes the theme most important to themselves and then centers their faith on that and views all scripture from that angle, as this person seems to do. The problems often isn't that their position is wrong so much as it is mis-prioritized. Beyond that however, I'd have to say that I agree with much of what he said.

Ken said...

Hi Doug, thanks for the comment.

I tend to agree with you here. But I think I would give place to the possibility that liberation for the oppressed is a central overarching theme of scripture. Assuming so, it is then probable that oppressed peoples and groups would not be in danger of mis-prioritizing scripture in light of their own experiences.

While the danger of mis-prioritization is a real possibility for all of us, certainly it is also possible that there are people and groups whose personal priorities are somewhat naturally and correctly aligned with scripture.

That being said, I too found myself agreeing with much of what was said in the video.